Completed Access to Information Requests

The Office of the Auditor General of Canada posts summaries of the requests processed by its Access to Information Coordinator. The following table lists summaries of completed ATI requests. The list is provided quarterly, and the summaries are listed by request number. Requests focusing on personal information or third-party proprietary information are not included.

Status of completed requests (definitions of dispositions)

Please note: According to the Access to Information Act, the OAG is prohibited from disclosing information obtained or created during the course of an audit.

These definitions provide a brief explanation of the status of completed requests.

  • All disclosed: All the records relevant to the request were disclosed to the applicant without exemptions or exclusions.
  • Disclosed in part: Only a portion of the information requested was disclosed, because the remainder was exempt or excluded.
  • All exempted or excluded: No information was disclosed, because all of the information requested was exempt or excluded.
  • No records exist: The request provided sufficient information to identify the specific information sought, but no relevant records were found.

Completed Access to Information Requests: